Training Class:

Classes are offered on a month-by-month basis depending on the amount of gym time. The typical rate is $125 for 4.5 hours/week, $200 per month for 10 hours/week, plus the cost of an open gym pass. See additional costs below required for tournaments and USAG membership.

Monthly tuition payable to Berkeley Parks and Rec, two-three classes per week, plus open gym time. Cost may vary at their discretion.

Tournament Fees:

$57 - Annual USAG membership fee, payable to USAG
$16 - Annual AAU membership fee, payable to AAU Sports
$50 - Biannual Resource Fee used for materials, training, and team registrations
$130 - Competition leotard purchased from Ozone Leotards $90 - Warm-up purchased from Alpha Factor (~$65) monogrammed by Initially Yours (~$25)
$65-$110 - Each meet entered requires a tournament fee, payable to the hosting gym

* Some meets may require an additional coaching or travel fees
* Additional fees may be required for liability insurance
* Team membership is contingent upon class and meet payments, and adherence to team rules at the discretion of the head coach

Not sure you want to do this? -- Come train with us for a day; or, try it out for a month. Our main requirement is that a gymnast have close to the basic 2013 Level-3 skills, such as a back hand-spring, and have an ambition to compete; however, we also looking for seasoned gymnasts up to level 8.